When facing a huge choice of CCTV solutions, selecting the right option can be challenging. In recent years there have been a flood of new CCTV product entrants to the UK and it is very important that you ensure you know what you are getting and that it matches your objectives.

Choosing the right video surveillance solution needs exactly the same risk based approach as choosing any other fire or security product and our experts will help match your business needs depending on the functionality you need. The range of things cameras can do now is awesome and there are products to suit all kinds of budget and specification.

Our engineering team currently design, install and service CCTV projects in new builds, refurbishments in commercial, high end residential and agricultural buildings and now solar parks. Below are the types of functionality you could consider whether it is people counting, monitored solutions with Police response, production line monitoring or as a visible security deterrent to ward off intruders feel free to give us a call to discuss your CCTV system and work out what suits your business.

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Reactive and proactive

Technologies that enable you to review events or to identify and receive notifications of incidents in real time.

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Thermal and infrared

Delivering reliable performance when there isn’t enough light for traditional imaging.

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Smart, High Definition Cameras

View images with HD clarity on any device connected to the internet, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Covert and visible

Record events using hidden covert cameras, or deter would-be intruders with visible CCTV.

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Facial identification

Technology that automatically distinguishes between authorised and unauthorised personnel.

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Loitering detection

Monitoring loitering and suspicious movements on your premises

Wired or wireless?

Our CCTV systems are available in hard-wired and wireless options. Wireless systems are becoming increasingly popular as they are reliable, adaptable, easy to install.