Access control

As digital technology and the use of the internet has advanced, our commercial property customers access control needs have evolved too. T H WHITE has a long history in access control solutions and caters for a wide range of technology types from the very simple card controlled devices and locks through to full biometric scanning systems.

Below are a sample of the access control solutions we offer, we know every customer has different needs and this is an area of security protection which can seem daunting but the benefits of harnessing it are considerable. We recommend a survey visit by one of our experienced T H WHITE security team so we can work out an access control solution to give you best value and peace of mind. Contact us via our contact page for more information and to book a free T H WHITE survey.

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Simple locks and keypads

Available in a range of sizes to suit all entrance types. With a variety of access control features.

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Mobile access

Enabling your staff to enter your premises using mobile devices, such as smartphones.

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Video verification

Ensuring only authorised personnel can access your premises through visual recognition and video analytics.

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Biometric technologies

Identifying and giving access to authorised people through fingerprint, Iris or facial recognition devices.

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High-level security

Protecting your restricted-access areas. Through our partners we are able to offer enterprise grade access control systems.

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Monitoring options

Including attendance, entrance and exit times, fire roll call muster print outs. Access control can offer financial and safety benefits to your business

Wired or wireless?

Our access control systems are available in hard-wired and wireless options. Wireless systems are becoming increasingly popular as they are reliable, adaptable, easier to retrofit.